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The Butcher BBQ Stand

3402 west Highway 66

Wellston, OK

This is why we do what we do!

PZ400 Pellet-Fired

Pizza Oven

by Cookshack

The Cookshack PZ400 will hold 1 large pizza up to 16" or 2 small personal pizzas. It features a 25 lb. pellet hopper capacity with a front lifting lid for easy access. The 100% real wood pellets give authentic wood-fire flavor, burn clean and produce consistent results.

Testimonial by Chef Rick Laakkonen

with Simon-Pure Publick House

Come join us for our annual Restaurant and Catering Cooking Class July 2023! date TBD.


This is a hands-on class suited for restauranteurs, caterers or anyone looking to start a new restaurant or add barbecue to their existing menu. Learn to cook on Cookshack and Fast Eddy'sô by Cookshack smokers, charbroilers, rotisseries and check out our new pellet fired pizza oven! 


This can be a 2-day or 3-day class.

Class will be held at the Ponca City Country Club in Ponca City, OK. To register or for questions about the class, contact Christa Roller. Class size is limited to 25 and is filled on a first come, first serve basis.

2023 Restaurant & Catering Cooking Class





Barbecue certainly runs in the genes at

the Butcher BBQ Stand. Levi Bouska

opened the stand 3 years ago and

quickly became the go to barbecue place

in Oklahoma. The stand is located in

Wellston, Oklahoma just a short distance

from where his grandparents had a BBQ

restaurant when Levi was a child.

Leviís dad, David Bouska is one of the

top BBQ cooks on the competition circuit,

having won the Jack Daniels World

Championship this year cooking on 2

FEC100ís and a PG500. With Davidís

help Levi devolped the process to serve

fresh barbecue to their customers.

Levi started with one FEC750, but

quickly out grew it and put a second unit

in the location.  The Butcher BBQ Stand

presents customers with outdoor picnic

tables and a metal roof for a little

protection from the weather, but customers donít come for the comfort, they come for

great food and the consistent product Levi brings to the plate.

The barbecue meats are certainly what people come for; from brisket, ribs and pulled

pork to turkey and sausage, all come fresh every day out of the Fast Eddy by Cookshack

FEC750. Levi has also done a twist on the traditional barbecue bean, with Baked Apple

Pie Beans, which has become their most popular side dish.

Levi uses all his dadís line of rubs, sauces and injections which can be found at

As a long time chef, consultant and

operator in the food service industry I am

able to more accurately judge the quality

and performance of equipment. I chose

Cookshack because the equipment

performs, it is trouble-free and offers good

value in relation to capability. I purchased

the Cookshack SM160 and SM260

smoker models and the PZ400 pizza oven.

Regarding the Cookshack smoker units

and pizza oven we purchased for the

opening of Simon-Pure Publick House we

have been extremely pleased with the

performance of all three pieces of

equipment. There were space constraints

in the kitchen but the compact size of each

of the units gave us the ability to expand

our menu offerings nicely and the

production capacity to service our 264

seats. The smokers produce superb

quality barbecue consistently. The ability to

program the cabinets and then set and

forget is one of the features I like most as I

have different staff on different days all

capable of producing that consistent

product. Ribs, chicken, brisket, pulled pork

all have local Q afficionados raving. We use your [Cookshack] rubs and followed the wood

selection recommended by our sales representative. The sales representative made his

equipment recommendations and then traveled out to our location to make sure all of the

equipment would fit on our line as well as help with venting options. The pizza oven is

phenomenal too. It has also added a breadth to our menu that fits right into our mission to

be a place for families and local folks to gather. What better than barbecue and pizza for a

publick house? We crank out pizzas in three to four minutes time running the oven at about

650į. We are likely to have difficulty finding pizza makers that can keep up with the oven. It

has also become a staple item for our take-out orders. It hasn't changed the way we do

business because we are a brand new operation but it has allowed us to open with a

broad, diverse menu that has the local crowd piling in. Reordering wood chips, pellets and

rubs is a breeze. The Cookshack employees who take the orders are super-polite, fast and

efficient. Deliveries come without any complications time after time. We envision a need to

order yet more Cookshack smokers as we expand our take-out and off-premises catering

programs. Cookshack equipment performs, is trouble-free and the employees and sales

representatives of Cookshack make the company a pleasure to partner with.