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The Art of Pizza:

             It starts with a desire to make the best finished product in the world. The artisan starts with the dough. A living organism, with the right combination of ingreadents, the proper time and proper temperature creates a canvas for the artisan to begin his masterpiece. The sauce, cheese and other toppings are meticulously places on the canvas then slid into the oven where the baking process begins. The end result is a mouth watering delicacy the exites the tast buds and leaves you with a smile.

Related imageDough Rollers, Sheeters, Presses by Somerset Industries

Cookshack introduces the first commercial wood pellet pizza oven. Hand-crafted, artisan pizza has never been easier or tasted so good! Cook over real wood and smoke a pizza in just 3 minutes without having to turn the pizza or manage a fire. It's small footprint makes it is easy to incorporate in your kitchen and can be installed underneath a standard commercial hood.

Dough Rollers, Sheeters, Presses by Somerset Industries