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Products developed for Correction  applications

The BakeMax® Spiral Mixer is

designed especially for heavy

dough, such as those used in

Pizzas and Bagels.  Its long

lasting stainless steel bowls can

handle 20 – 120kg or 44 – 265 lb of dough, depending on model.

The BakeMax® Planetary Mixers provide durability, long

life and excellent mixing

performance. A wide range of

sizes to choose from provides

clients with the exact mixer for

their particular needs. They are

safe, easy to use and capable of

a broad range of dough and

food mixing applications.


Floor Model Reversible Sheeter


manually divider


    Shelby County Jail, Tennessee

All areas of the

food compartments

are directly hit by

side wash, rinse and

final rinse sprays

The unique Air Wiper design virtually strips

all the water off trays, giving you dry trays

and a cleaner, drier workplace.

Correctional institutions require special attention

to detail and Insinger has it covered.

With the recent installation at Shelby County Jail

in Tennessee, Insinger added another success story

to its portfolio.

At Shelby County Jail, with a current capacity of

3,500 inmates and a planned expansion to house

5,000, the everyday foodservice operation is a

huge undertaking.

That’s where Insinger comes in!


Three Trac 878 Traywashers

with Tray Dryers and one Super

106-2 Rack Conveyor were

put to work to tackle the daily

challenge of providing over

10,000 meals per day. Each

piece of equipment has the

added Insinger Security Package

designed specifically for high risk

areas. The heavy duty table

guard rails paired with the heavy

duty Trac 878’s are the right

solution for cleaning and sanitizing

thermal insulated (and other

types) of trays in a jail setting.

Put Insinger To Work For You!

Trac 878

Bilt2Spec™ Custom Walk-Ins
Master-Bilt walk-ins can be custom designed to fit virtually any size or shape. Using our wide range of options, you can make your walk-in an extension of your business personality. Numerous interior and exterior finish options adapt to decor or durability requirements. Choose from many refrigeration system types to reliably and efficiently cool your stored products. Many door accessories and other add-on features are also available to increase convenience and ease of use.

Refrigerated Warehouses

Coordinating all the construction details for refrigerated warehouses can be challenging. Master-Bilt makes the job much easier with one source service for panels, refrigeration and installation.



 Quality. Exceptional


Choose Montague for durability, performance, and attention to detail.

Automatic conveyor, flight type four tank dishwasher with recirculating prewash, wash, two rinses and fresh water final rinse. Capacity is 18,302 dishes per hour

ADMIRAL 66-4 Single Tank Conveyor Dishwasher with Recirculating Pre-wash