How many of us are looking for new ways to increase profits? Breakfast is a old idea that many overlook. Most operators don't realize how Profit rich breakfast items can be. Todays busy consumer eat their morning meal away from home and on the go. Here are some ideas to help you create a breakfast program that is easy, quick, convenient and wont break your pocket book.

Almost anything can be sandwiched in a biscuit; scrambled eggs, sausage patty, a small chicken patty, or a slice of ham with cheese melted on top are just a few ideas.

Fresh Baked Biscuits

The addition of a small compact convection oven will give you the ability to create fresh baked biscuits, almost anything can be sandwiched in a biscuit to create breakfast sandwiches or add gravy, jams, jellies or honey to create a mouth watering breakfast dish.  Cinnamon rolls, Sticky buns, Muffins, premium coffee and juices will draw your customers in and keep them coming back for more.

Quesadillas or breakfast burritos just might appeal to the "grab-it-and-go crowd". 

Warming Cabinet with Sneeze Guard & Buffet Server Top or with Clear lids

CG-10: Countertop Stainless Griddle

PCG-10C: Portable Buffet Griddle

BIR-1C: Buffet Induction Range

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for the Food Service, Bakery, Healthcare & Supermarket Industries….

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